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Homeschool Field Trips + Zoo Scavenger Hunt FREEBIE

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Do you take your kids out for field trips in your homeschool?  We like to get out as often as we can swing it, but sometimes we are huge homebodies and I cannot drag the kids out of the house for even the most fun thing in the world. So, I plan 1 trip a month, for the most part. This has been a good balance of home time and social time out, but we do mix in a few smaller outings, of course, like, bank trips, grocery runs, parks, fun activities, restaurants, etc.

Free ZooScavenger Hunt Printable

Next week we are headed to the Forestry Farm Zoo for our first Feild Trip for the Homeschoolers in our city, an event that I organize and plan here on my blog. I wanted to post the newest Free Printable, My Homeschool Feild Trip to the Zoo ~ Scavenger Hunt Check List. I have made this for our current trip, but wanted to share it with you all as well! You may want to plan a simple scavenger hunt with your kids the next time you go to the Zoo.

The last time we went to the Zoo for a Feild Trip, it was really fun and my children were talking all about the animals they learned so much about and with the Meet the Creature Program, they get to really see them first hand and that is really awesome.

I am excited to use this scavenger hunt check list at our next homeschool field trip next week, and I will post more about how that went as well.

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