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Homeschool Field Trip FREE Tour of Fire Station #6 Now Open for Registration

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Hey Guys, today I wanted to tell you about the newest Field Trip I have booked for us!

The Free Tour of Fire Station #6 on Friday, May 26th at 10 am!

Click here to go directly to the event page to register your whole family for this great one!

If we hit the max of 20, and there are still more of you who want to go I will rebook the second trip for June sometime.

FREE printables for Firefighters to use before or after this trip:

Write a Thank you Letter to the Firefighters, and bring it with you at the time of the Trip ~ I thought that this one would be a really nice thing for us all to do before we get there. Let me know if it is something you plan on doing with your kids and bringing.

Multiple grade units or educational packs for Free Download about Firefighters

FireFighter Printables in Montessori Style, plus a lot more links for other activities

Fire Fighter with water hose Coloring Page



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