Homeschool Circle Time Booklet Free Printable
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Homeschool Circle Time Booklet Free Printable

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I am excited to share with you a New FREE printable I have been working on! Our Homeschool Circle Time Booklet comes with 3 color options for you to choose from, is simple to print, and laminate, with a single hole punch and a binder ring.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as we do!

Our Circle Time Routine

We start every day we do school at home, with a cozy circle time, and this allows my kids to practice communicating with each other, and taking turns. This may seem like an odd requirement, as we are home all day with each other, aren’t we doing this already? Well, yes and no. Before I started to do this, they were getting on each other’s nerves A LOT, it was starting to drive me bonkers. Then, once I developed this outline, they began to get excited about school, instead of saying no and running off, and hey, I know we all have been there.

Once we got into a routine with this, the kids began to talk to one another with more respect, and with care. At the beginning, I did go over our homeschool rules, and a little mini lesson about how to talk to each other if they have a disagreement, things like that. We did even say a prayer or two. You are more than welcome to implement more of a spiritual beginning with your circle time if that is how you prefer. For us, it depends on the day. This Homeschool Circle Time Booklet keeps us on task and is fun to have with the circle shape they enjoy seeing at Circle Time. To download, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Homeschool Circle Time Free Printable
Homeschool Circle Time Booklet

What is in the Homeschool Circle Time Booklet?

Our Homeschool Circle Time Booklet is a simple + fun way for you to bring your kids together for a taste of routine, even if the rest of the day or even week is open for flexibility. It has 6 Steps for you to follow;

  1. Start our School day by gathering at Circle Space & take name tags to sit with
  2. Show + Tell
  3. Calendar Time
  4. Story Time
  5. Play Time
  6. Table Time

In conjunction with this printable I have created for you, we do use a few other great downloads that you can find from; A Little Pinch of Perfect for our Calendar Time, and Editable Name Tags you can find cute owl ones from this great little shop. You could use any kind of name tag you desire. I edited our names on the owls and stuck them up on the wall with velcro sticky dots (my best friend) and this act helps the kids be more hands on and included as they sit down together on the carpet.

Show & Tell is a very fun time for my kids and they just love it. I find their communication and description abilities have improved a lot since doing this at least once a week. When I first started my middle son would not participate, he would simply listen that’s about all because he was so shy. I could see that this would be very good to continue to do, for him as well as my oldest who was not shy and incredibly talkative and loves the spot light. She loved that and appreciated it a lot too. I began to see them in a different light and I just love Circle Time in our Homeschool.

Our Story Time is a fun time, and with Our Reading Lists for the Year,{read about our April Reading Themes here} I have really fun topics for us to read about and learn something new. My kids love reading in themes, they pick up something new about a topic from each book and the repetition is not boring like you may think. During art time, we do a craft that matches that theme we are reading, or a past theme they remember reading about recently.

After all of this, it takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes and I let them go and play for another 10 minutes together, having a break from Circle Time and then the last step is to come to the school table for table time and we begin our school work for the day.

Homeschool Circle Time Free Printable
The Play Room where our kids play together after we use our Homeschool Circle Time Booklet


This routine is outlined simply for you in the Homeschool Circle Time Booklet, and you will easily be able to recreate this in your own home, in your own way! Also, I have included in the download, 3 color styles for you to choose from!


Homeschool Circle Time Free Printable


Don’t wait, give it a try today 🙂 Download your free printable below with this link here:


Homeschool Circle Time Free Printable


I hope you enjoy this free printable, comment below and let me know how it is going for you!


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