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Happy Half Birthday Scissors&Glue.ca! Limited Time Free Download of Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer

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Our Homeschool Organizer


Scissors & Glue is Celebrating Our Half Birthday!

And to thank you all for your continued support and interest in our posts and printables and our Homeschooling Adventures, we wanted to send a BIG Thank You to you all, and invite you to download Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer HERE!

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Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer

Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer has been the one thing that has kept me sane during this homeschooling journey, with three children. I compile it together in two binders, one for my yearly records, and one for all the logs that I need to use on a monthly basis.

Here is my Video Tutorial for you to compile and use this printable:

It includes Daily Logs, and I came up with this concept after months of looking back on our learning and not remembering anything of what we did! I watched a Star Trek show with my husband one night, and the Captains Logs hit me and I thought, yes! that is what I need. The organizer soon began to grow, as I found ways to record our process.

I document and record what we actually DO, and this way helps me to do my end of the year evaluations for the government in a simple package, that they just loved! As you compile this organizer each month, for each child, you will have monthly evaluations and goals, which can then be grouped together at year end, for you to create your overall assessment. If you use other methods of Assessments, like we also do, with ESGI, an Assessment Software that is really helpful and I just love!  You can read more about how we use ESGI SOON, as I am still in the works with that post! My plans for using it this year will also include those charts being included with the kids year-end evaluation, plus our guided reading running records.

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Thank you again for your continued Interest and Support! We hope to keep up the fun youtube videos and Inspiring Content for your Homeschooling Lifestyle! Feedback is much appreciated, so let me know how this Organizer works for you in the comments below, and please share!


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