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Hanging our Two Flags today for the Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster in Canada

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Learning about Our Country and it’s History

Today in our Homeschool we colored our Canadian Flag and the United Kingdom Flag as well. We listened to both national anthems and we read about the history of this day.

The kids really enjoyed this activity, and I talked about my memories of singing these anthems in school when I was their age, that we sang these two songs every day at school in the mornings before we started our work.

Here are some Youtube Videos you can check out and enjoy in your homeschool today.

The Canadian Anthem


God Save the Queen, with the names of the Queens & Kings 🙂


Queen Elizabeth the 2 when she was young


History of Today: The Statute Of Westminster in Canada 🙂 Dec 11, 1931


I hope you have a great day today! 🙂


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