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Gears, Gears, Gears! Crazy Gears!

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We love gears and just recently found a really fun app called Crazy Gears and it is really fun to play. My kindergartener and Grade Oner really love cuddling up on the couch, their bed, the kitchen table or in a newly made pillow fort and play Crazy Gears! It really is fun to play and experiment and problem solve their way to the next level. You can really get a good sense of the gears and the chains are very realistic and move super cool on the screen. They were able to get right in and start problem-solving and figuring out what had to go where to make it work. It continues to increase in difficulty as you go along. The enjoy being challenged with it. Overall, it’s a great addition to our homeschool for those moments in the day when they want some iPad time, and you want it to be ‘educational’. Win win



Sharing is caring!

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