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French Knitting Toilet Paper Roll Tutorial – A Book Inspired Hands-on Activity

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We have been inspired to learn how to do French Knitting with Toilet Paper Rolls after reading a fabulous Christmas story, called Lulu and Lainey… 12 Days of Christmas by Lois Petren. Let’s get started with this fun knitting craft you can your kids can do together, while learning about France…

While we are enjoying this Christmas season, and reading Lulu and Lainey… 12 Days of Christmas, by Lois Petren and Tanja Russita, which shines the light on how fun it is to spend time with your grand-mere, and make your own gifts for your family, by knitting wonderful projects all throughout the year! What a lovely sentiment, any child would enjoy learning about.

It has inspired us to learn how to French Knit!

In the spirit of making gifts for our loved ones, let me share with you how your kids can make their own French Knitting with supplies you most likely have around the house!


French Knitting Toilet Paper Roll

Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • 4 Popsicle Sticks
  • Yarn, solid or multicolored
  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape
  • Masking tape
  • A strip of wrapping paper (optional)

Method for making your Toilet Paper Loom:

Begin with your toilet paper roll, masking tape and popsicle sticks, scissors and your bit of wrapping paper if you would like to add a little color to your tube.

Next, you will take your popsicle sticks, and tape it on to your roll, and a second stick opposite side of the first.  Then you will tape your next two sticks on opposite sides of each other, to create a cross or +.

You will want to be sure to make sure your sticks are close to the same height and are level with one another.

Next comes adding your cute paper details, if you want to skip this part, feel free to do so, but a little bit of leftover wrapping paper from wrapping gifts could work great!

Cut a strip of paper ruffly the same size as your toilet paper roll. Some like it longer and tuck it up and under, however, to make this even more simple, just cut it right at the end, and it works great!

Use your clear tape to secure one end of the paper to your roll.

And then roll the rest of the paper around the tube, and tape it to your roll.


French Knitting with your Toilet Paper Loom:


Gather your favorite ball of yarn, and ready, set, go! Let’s French Knit a beautiful friendship bracelet, or Necklace!


The first step is to Cast on: Place your yarn into your toilet paper loom by feeding it in from the top, and then down.

Keep enough of a tail at the end, for you to use to tie your necklace, or bracelet together with.


Second Step: Loop your yarn to the right of any popsicle you would like to start at and loop it around, this will lead to the next loop right beside it to the right. The looping just continues this way.

Loop from the inside right, and around.

Continue looping around until you have two rows of loops.

Keep your left hand pressing tightly down on your yarn at the end of the 2 rows, and with your sharpened pencil, or small knitting needle, come up from underneath the bottom loop, and take it up and over the top of the second loop on the stick.

Continue doing this, looping the bottom loop over the top loop, until you reach the end, and then you can loop another set of 4 loops around your loom, to make two sets of loops again.

Do so, until you create a long chain down the center of your toilet paper loom. Continue to French Knit until you have reached your desired length.


Third Step, Casting Off: 

When you have hit your desired length,  you will stop looping doubles, and starting on your next single loop, and lift it up and over to the top of the next loop to the left, and take your needle loop it like normal, up and over, then lift up and place onto the next stick to the left.

Repeat until you come to one single loop left.

At the last loop, you simply lift it up and off the popsicle stick.

Then you will lay it down, and cut your yarn allowing enough to tie your bracelet onto your wrist.

Take the end of the yarn, and slip it through the last loop, and pull up and tight, to make a knot. You will then have your finished project, ready to be placed on your friend 🙂 or packaged away as a gift.


Simply tie with a bow, and your bracelet will be easy to take on and off for your dear friend.



And there you go!

Now you can teach your kids how to French Knit with a Toilet Paper Roll at home!

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Til next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and knitting too!



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