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Freezing Fresh Fruit for Our Breakfast Smoothies

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Breakfast is always better with a smoothie, right? You bet! And now that I do not need to convince my toddler to have a fresh fruit smoothie he is helping me freeze up the fruit, and make the smoothies too!

We buy a regular size basket of fruit from the store, but I know we do not tend to eat it all before it goes moldy. And making ice on a regular basis, I have a hard time doing that. So it was my sons idea, if we don’t have ice we just need frozen fruit. ☺️ it was a great idea and I grabbed our strawberries, a dish and some plastic wrap.

Once they were frozen, by the end of the day, I tucked them into a freezer bag and kept them in the freezer for our breakfast smoothie the next day. Sure I could have made ice cubes too, but that would mean cleaning out my freezer for a flat surface, and that just was not going to happen this morning.

Then I thought I should do this to our blueberries because I knew they would get mushy soon too.

And we had been given some really fresh raspberries from my husband’s parents, and I knew once I washed them they would get wet and mushy. So, I came up with a cool idea.

I placed them in a small muffin tin, with only 6 muffin cups, that I lined with plastic wrap (an ice cube tray would work too, now that I think of it) It will easily fit in my freezer and I can bunch the wet and juicy raspberries in a bunch that will be just enough for our smoothies. I even added the extra juice that would add great flavor! I placed a cover wrap and let it freeze. By the end of the day, they were done!

They turned out really great and I was happy. I popped them into a freezer bag too and placed them with the rest of the frozen fruit for our breakfast smoothies!

All done and ready for breakfast tomorrow!

Do any of your love to make smoothies for your kids? Don’t worry, I will be sharing how we make our smoothies soon…

Till next time,

Breathe Deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue!


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