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Our Free Trial with BrainPOP

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If you guys have been following me on Instagram, you may have heard me talk about BrainPOP and that my kids have been really liking our free trail of it so far, so I wanted to share with you more things about it! This review is mainly talking about BrainPOPjr and its contents that are for K-3 grades.

Our Free Trial with BrainPOP
My daughter enjoying the science lesson on Butterflies with BrainPOPjr.

Right off the bat, the videos really do grab my children’s attention and hold it! They have closed captioning as an option so you can have them reading the words as the video plays. For every lesson topic, there is a video with the same Robot Moby, who is quite funny. I have a video for you to check out down below where you meet Moby and Tim, and they tell you about what BrainPOP is all about.

Our Free Trail with BrainPOP
A snap shot of the Elements of Art lesson page with all of the activities below the video Lesson.

Every lesson also includes an Easy Quiz and Hard Quiz that they can take as many times as they would like, as well as links to one or more educational games that challenge your kids on what they have learned about that topic.

Kids can also do other activities where you can Write About It, Talk About It, Word Play,  and even an area where they help you Teach This Topic, which has lessons plans and so much more for you to dive into about that topic. They also have a section where you can find news articles related to the subject that are written in age appropriate reading levels. (They have so much stuff, I really can’t believe it!)Another section that is really nice is called Annie’s Notebook. Annie is another character who teaches many of the lessons as well. You can check this page out here, to hear more about what Annie’s Notebook has to offer your students.

Our Free Trial with BrainPOP
A snap shot of one of my daughters Make-a-Map designs after a few short minutes.

The Make-a-Map section has a huge variety of options for your kiddos to create and explore deeper into the topic they are learning about, with interactive vocabulary words, images, snap shots of the video, and much more. This is my daughters favorite part of the program so far.

The Draw-a-Picture activity is very fun as well and provides another creative outlet around the topic for your child and help is but a click away, with easy to follow video instructions for you and your kids.

Multiple Subjects in One Program

We have been testing out the BrainPOPjr., which is for grades kindergarten to third grade, and has lessons in the following subject areas; Science, HealthReading & WritingSocial StudiesMath, and Arts & Technology.

I really appreciate how it has multiple subject areas of learning because as a Home school Mom of 3, whom are all at various stages and interests this has it all really. If you had older students, you could purchase BrainPOP (which covers curriculum from grade 4-8) & BrainPOPjr for an even wider range of grade level options.

My daughter can learn about butterflies while my son can learn about sculpture and art, while my youngest can observe them both and choose something he likes if he wants.

They are also Mobile Friendly

If you have an iPad, or iPhone that you allow your child access too, their site is very mobile friendly, and will work easily without having to install an app. This is great, and and allows the learning to happen anytime, anywhere. To print your work or drawings, you do need access to an air printer, but their work saves on their accounts so you could print them out from the computer at a later time. Students can also send their finished work to you, their teacher. This is a feature I really love!

BrainPOP Educators – Teacher Development Resources

Another great resource for us as teachers, that BrainPOP offers is a huge hub with free training, development and help for us to use the program to it’s fullest. You can check that link out here.

They have lesson plans, webinars, video tutorials, graphic organizers, and shared best practices. Here is where you can learn how to use My BrainPOP, which has features for teachers to create custom assessments, incorporate gaming into instruction, and keeping track of your students learning. You can also send your students lessons or assignments with due dates for them to send you back their finished work.

What does a Homeschool Access Subscription include?

  • Access for 1 teacher and up to 3 students on a maximum of three devices at one time.
  • Access to MyBrainPOP features.

What does it cost for the Homeschool Access Subscription?

For the BrainPOP, you can pay monthly at $23.95(USD) or yearly at $240(USD).

For BrainPOPjr, you can pay monthly at $17.95(USD) or yearly at $180(USD).

For BrainPOP Español and Français, you can pay monthly at $17.95(USD) or yearly at $180(USD).

For BrainPOP ELL you can pay monthly at $15.95(USD) or yearly at $160(USD).

What’s our take on BrainPOPjr?

Well, this has been a positive experience for us with this free trail of BrainPOP. Their customer service is excellent and we hope to sign up soon. When we do, I will share more with you guys about how it goes. Now that our 5 free days are over, my kids are still asking to do BrainPOP. For now, we can access their GameUp page with free games.

How do you sign up for your free trial?

If you are interested in signing up for a free trial you can find the sign up page here, however they had been experiencing technical difficulties with the form, so I had the customer service sign me up and I changed my login password. You can find that contact form here.

That was ok and they sent me my info and it was simple. They have their developers working on the form issue as we speak.

Here is another helpful video tour from BrainPOP, with all the great things about it!

How to subscribe to BrainPOP?

You can find the link here to subscribe, where you will find a simple 3 step process in which you can choose your desired program.

  1. WHERE; either Home, Homeschool, Classroom, District or Virtual School.
  2. WHAT, either BrainPopjr, BrainPOP, BrainPOP ESPAÑOL & Français, or BrainPOP ELL, as well as the option to choose monthly or yearly payment.
  3. CHECK OUT where you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

I hope this review has helped you with your search to find more information about BrainPOP, and I’d enjoy hearing from you if you have tried BrainPOP! Comment, share and take care!

Till next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy your journey,


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