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Jobs To Do Today – Routine Check List for Kids

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Our New FREE Printable is ready for you! Jobs To Do Today Routine Check List for Kids has been a huge hit in our house. The kids enjoy writing their names at the top of the list and checking off their “jobs” when they are done. Using the word Job has actually made them more interested in doing the task. My oldest, who is 7 this year has really taken to this and I placed them on the fronts of their doors.


Free Printable My Jobs to do Today


Have you been constantly trying to get your kids to do their tasks?

Because I sure have! And we have tried many things to get them to do their tasks of the day and we are hopeful these will do the trick for us. My kids helped me design this one, and we went through a couple trial runs.

We made sure that this Free Printable comes with multiple colors of name tags, for your kids to choose from, including pink, purple, blue, green and red! Just print, laminate, and go! No extra work or separate parts to keep track of.

You can use velcro dots to secure them to your door, and to secure a dry erase marker in the middle of the sections for the day and night jobs. This picture was taken when we first implemented it, at the bedtime routine time of day.

Free Printable My Jobs to do today


My kids were all excited to get their own sheet for their doors, choose their colors and write their names. The boys have two on their one door, as they share a room. Now to get them interested in doing their jobs of the day.

Another Bonus of Our Jobs to Do Today Routine Check List

Underneath each job is enough room for you to add a little extra personalization for your kids. For my oldest I added a couple other things she likes to do around those times. Once you laminate it, you can make some changes for the week’s interests or bedtime activities, like we did with her yoga that she likes to do before bedtime.


Jobs to do today free printable


You can find this printable in our Downloads Library, free for subscribers! I hope you like it and please share this with your friends.




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