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Exploring Sweden From the Kitchen Table

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Build Your Masterpiece Class Adventures in Sweden gave us a delicious and artistic glimpse of a place we’ve yet to see with our own eyes. We can’t wait to visit in person someday!

When we start a new geography unit, I like to print a map of the region and hang it on our kitchen window or wall. During tea time, we have a “conversation with a map”, a concept popular in Charlotte Mason homeschools. I ask a child to point to our new country of study and note nations it borders. The next child notices oceans, the next the distance from our home, the next which hemisphere or speculates about weather. It’s quite simply a conversation between students and map.


Hollongrotta cookies are perfect for tea time! Easy recipe for new bakers and clever construction. Find this recipe included in the Adventures in Sweden, Art & Baking Unit Study from The Build Your Masterpiece Class.


“The Children of Noisy Village” by Astrid Lindgren (author of “Pippi Long-stocking”) is a childhood favorite. They are now convinced that living in a small Swedish village would be great fun. 

My favorite part of any geography unit is the artist study!

Children love stories of real people and a chance to make a mess. This unit’s artist spotlight is Hilma af Klint, a painter from the late 19th century Sweden who was inspired by world religions, plants, and atoms.

Our favorite way to narrate our artist study is to create a postcard or bookmark inspired by the art.

Supplies Needed:

Simply cut watercolor paper to standard postcard size, 4×6 inches, and use the leftovers for bookmarks. I am always surprised by what my children choose to recreate.

This unit contains a section on Midsummer, which we plan to come back to in time for the summer solstice. For now, we’re dreaming of freshly picked strawberries, sunshine and an excuse to bake more Hollongrotta!

Take a look at this Sweden Study here:


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