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Easter Egg String Art – A Recycled Milk Jug Craft for Kids + Read-Aloud!

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Spring has sprung and Easter crafts are back! We are using our recycled materials to create some beautiful little Easter Egg String Art, plus reading the book “The Biggest Easter Basket Ever” by Steven Kroll.

String art for kids

Wrapping string around most anything can be relaxing and a great fine motor skill strengthening activity for kids. We used our recycled milk jug cutouts for this craft, and they turned out very nice. You can use our Easter Egg Art Printable for the template, which came in handy for us in so many other projects! Find the link to download below.

These Easter Eggs wrapped with string, are so cute and go really well with the children’s book “The Biggest Easter Basket Ever” by Steven Kroll, that we read while wrapping our eggs, and thinking about how big of a basket we want to make together.

Easter Egg String Art

Supplies needed:

  • Milk Jugs cutouts
  • Egg template – Download Below
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Sharpie marker

What our YT Video Tutorial and Read-Aloud:


How to Make Your Easter Egg String Art:

Trace your egg onto your milk jug cutouts.


Cut your eggs out.

Next, you can cut notches into them, which are great for younger children and help hold the yarn on the egg. You can have a range of notches from 11 to 19. It’s up to you.

Then punch a hole in the top and you are ready to start weaving!


These are very fun to make, and hang up during Easter!

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Grab the template for these below:

Thanks for reading today!

What crafts do you and your kids love to make during Easter?

Have fun with scissors and glue and string art too,



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    1. Thank you! I guess it could also be considered a game too! I think I know the number gadget you are talking about, is it called Wrap Ups? With addition, subtraction and multiplication?

        1. Ok right, we actually have those, but funny I didn’t think of them while creating this one, but they are very similar. Maybe my kiddos can come up with a game to play with them too ?

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