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Duct Tape Island

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MYTHBUSTERS is now our daughters’ favorite show to watch! She loves watching the shows with her dad, and I have gotten in on some of them as well. Once she started to find an interest in using Duct Tape to build things with. We had watched another show about how they lifted a car with duct tape, and where they duct taped a man to the wall, and then the ceiling! But, after she watched Duct Tape Island, where the guys are stranded on a Hawaiian Island, with nothing but a pallet of duct tape. We quickly picked up some rolls of duct tape, and we began learning how to build some of the techniques we saw them use.

We also used our online Library account to request some duct tape design books in hopes of learning more of the techniques over the next few weeks, hoping that the desire for this new found thing holds up!

  1. A Kids Guide to Awesome Duct Tape Projects by
  2. Duct Tape Engineer: The book of big, bigger and epic duct tape projects by Lance Akiyama
  3. Patterned Duct Tape from
  4. Regular Duct Tape from

We managed to build a really cool pitcher and almost made it fully waterproof.(It was really tuff!)



It continued to leak, no matter how many layers of tightly woven duct tape we could put on the bottom, and the inside. But, it was a really fun morning filled with re-watching the duct tape island a few times, and pausing when needed, and ripping a lot of stripes of duct tape! Boy it can get hard on the fingers.



The Mythbuster guys sure made some awesome things on that episode, from shoes, hats, mats, ropes, hammocks, chess board and pieces, a solar still; which my kids really loved and wanted to try this summer, and then they managed to build an awesome canoe that really worked! They even hunted for fish and wild chicken on the island, all with duct tape and what they could find on the island like sticks and grass. It is a great show, filled with fun experiments, funny humor and really a lot of good real life survival info, such as how you can’t drink salt water, or stagnant water, how to find a fresh water source and how to start a fire, all the while trying to survive!

Stay tuned for our next builds once we open the books from the Library about duct tape!








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