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Duct Tape Island – Fun Science Projects for Kids

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Mythbusters is one of our kids’ favorite shows to watch. Once they watched Duct Tape Island, where the Mythbusters were stranded on a Hawaiian Island, with nothing but a pallet of duct tape, they were eager to try to build things out of duct tape!

Duct Tape Island - Fun Science Projects for Kids

Grab your duct tape, and get ready to build!

We looked around the house for duct tape but did not have any, so we ran to the store to get a few rolls, and we stopped by our library to find some duct tape design books in hopes of learning more techniques of actually building things as the Mythbusters did.

The Books + Products We Used



In the end, we managed to build a really cool pitcher and almost made it fully waterproof. No matter what we did, it would still leak.


Duct Tape Island - Fun Science Projects for Kids


You begin by starting to build a panel of duct tape strips, and then use those panels to create almost anything.

It was a really fun morning filled with re-watching the Mythbusters Duct Tape Island a few times, and pausing when needed, then ripping a lot of strips of duct tape!

It sure can get hard on the fingers. But we were so happy with the end result.


Duct Tape Island - Fun Science Projects for Kids


Check out Duct Tape Island by the Mythbusters on YouTube:

The Mythbusters sure made some awesome things in that episode, from shoes, hats, mats, ropes, hammocks, a chess board, a solar still; which my kids really loved and want to try this summer! They even managed to build an awesome canoe that really worked! My kids loved watching them hunt for fish and wild chicken, with only the duct tape and what they could find on the island.

It’s a great show, filled with fun experiments, funny humor and a lot of real-life survival info, like how you can’t drink salt water, or stagnant water, and how to find a fresh water source and how to start a fire, all the while trying to survive!

Do your kids love building things with Duct Tape? Let us know in the comments below.

Continue to build your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and duct tape too!



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