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DIY Cardboard Paint Pallet Project for Kids

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DIY Cardboard Paint Pallets are so much fun to make and and I am really obsessed with finding ways to reuse the cardboard that comes into this house, and what better way then to make paint pallets for the kids, with the bottom section of a Kraft Dinner storage box? We buy a box of KD often, and the bottom of this box is the perfect size!

DIY Cardboard Paint Pallet Project

🎨Let’s get started:

1. TRACE. Using a pencil, trace an existing pallet you already have around the bottom grip curve of the pallet, and thumb hole.

2. CUT. Using a cutting tool of choice, cut along your pencil line.

3. PAINT. Store with your acrylic paints in your art room in a caddy, or basket. I will show more of how I store them soon.

If you make these, please tag @build_your_masterpiece_class, with your DIY Cardboard Paint Pallets, and any masterpieces your kids make using them! 

I know these will pair up so great with our new Picasso Study, with the Adventures in France, that has just been released in our shop this week! Yay! Now you can complete our Level 1 Series of #readpaintcook Adventures in France! 

What’s better then painting abstract art with your own handmade DIY Cardboard Paint Pallet? 

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” – Picasso

I have already begun to pair them up with our Kandinsky Study in our Russia Adventures, and our Kinder+ Art Basics Program: The Masterpiece Alphabet with our 7 year old. Here below is his beautiful work using the DIY Cardboard Paint Pallets, listening to music, and us reading books about Kandinsky.


Speaking of pairing up, I have some exciting news of what’s to come next week!

A special, exclusive Adventure release that pairs up incredibly well with our Kinder + Art Basics, is our 7th chapter of our Italy Adventure Series; Adventures in Florence!

It will be available for purchase along with a fabulous Spring Mega Bundle that’s full of curriculum perfect for spring, for only $25, worth over $500! Check it out here, and if you read this before it launches on March 31st, you can enjoy a Free download of a beautiful Wild Flowers Mini Unit Study as a gift to you! 


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Our Florence Adventures have been in the works for 3+ years, and I am so excited to be featuring Leonardo da Vinci, and two other really wonderful Renaissance Artists that have amazing stories to tell, and art to inspire!

Check out our current series of Italy here. It’s perfect for kids in Prek to grade 5+!

Have fun building a masterpiece with scissors and glue, and DIY Cardboard Paint Pallets too!


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