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Cupcake Play Dough Kit with Loose Parts + Read-Aloud

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Create beautiful mini cupcakes with your own Cupcake Play Dough Kit! Enjoy it with our read-aloud of “JoJo and Daddy Bake a Cake” by Jane O-Connor!

Cupcake Play Dough Kit with Loose Parts

Play-dough kits are super fun and easy to put together. All you need is playdough, homemade, or store-bought, some loose parts, and a good book! Today we have created a fun little play-dough kit that brings the joy of baking cupcakes, counting and decorating cakes all together!

Check out our Read-aloud of “JoJo and Daddy Bake a Cake” & play time with our Cupcake Play Dough Kit:

We love playdough kits and keeping them fresh week by week is key for my kiddos during table time. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a trillion things. If you can have a few things on hand, it does help but I recommend searching your house for the basic things you need: play-dough, loose parts, and a book to match.

*Tip* I like to reuse the play dough I make from previous kits, like the one we are using which is the fabulous pie play dough that we paired with our Apple Pie Play Dough Kit, back in the fall. This has lasted so long, which I was really happy about. The longest lasting so far!

Cupcake Play Dough Kit

Supplies Needed

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Getting started making your cupcake play dough kit

Make your pie play-dough, find the recipe here.

Gather your loose parts, and the book, JoJo and Daddy Bake a Cake.

Bring this out for a fun fine motor skill strengthening activity for preschoolers during quiet-time while older kids are working on other subjects.

I love to Incorporate books to read while they play, and this one is a really great one. Read aloud to your kiddos and encourage them to read it back to you once they have made their own play-dough cupcakes, or watch our read-aloud of this book on YouTube while you play!

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Options for play

  • Encourage children to create balls of dough for their cupcakes, and count up to 10!
  • If you are using word tiles or ABC cookies, encourage letter and word recognition, and reading.
  • And of course, have fun!

Grab the supplies we used:

Thanks for reading today!

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Have fun with scissors and glue and cupcakes too!


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  1. How fun! My kids were play-doh fiends when they were small. They enjoyed hours of creative play. We used to make our own dough too. Thanks for bringing back memories!

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