Crocheting My Teapot Cozy

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Hey guys, I have done it! My first Crocheting Project is complete.  I have been really excited to learn how to crochet this summer, and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my crochet projects, and you may have read about me learning how to crochet this summer and in that post I showed you what I made. And now, I want to share with you my first larger project, that I just love! A Teapot Cozy! It was simple enough and I know that if you are a beginner, and want to try a project, consider this one!

Crocheting My Teapot Cozy was a weekend project for sure, but with the help of Olivia @GirlyBunches on YouTube, it was so enjoyable, and she was very real and made me feel comfortable and I was ready to do this!

Let me share with you my experience of Crocheting My Teapot Cozy!

I first started with learning how to crochet a chain, which maybe should have been one of the first steps I should have learned before, but, that’s how it goes! I measured my chain around my teapot base and crocheted the granny stitch, with multiples of 3, with a chain of one in between, which makes a nice bunch of stitches.

My first try at this, I finished the whole square, and realized it was going to be too large for my teapot, so I started over again, and decided to have a shorter chain, and tapper my sides shorter to fit the shape of the pot a little better, because as I was working on the first square. I kept making the mistake of skipping the three trebles in the last loop and it was shorter and shorter each row up. It was quite frustrating but I learned that you really need to pay attention all the time!

And all those mistakes I had made, actually helped me learn how to shorten rows, and now I was doing it on purpose.

Crocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

So here my first side of the tea cozy is done, and I’m resting it up by the teapot, checking out the size. My daughter said the first one would make a nice holder for the teapot to rest on, it does! She is always there to help me feel better about things that don’t go the way I had hoped.

Crocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

Next comes the trim and I did the double stitch for that.

Crocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

Here I am starting on the ribbon for the tie at the top to close it up. I chained a long chain, and then double stitched along the one side.

Crocheting My Tea Pot CozyCrocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

Here is the ribbon, woven through the holes of the crochet pattern. I also added the scalloped edges at the top. The bright pink just pops and it makes me so happy ?

The final touches are the next step, and I wanted to sew the two pieces together, at specific spots of the teapot.

Crocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

Crocheting My Tea Pot CozyCrocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

You can see I have sown the two sides together in different places for the handle and the spout. The spout is sewn at the bottom of the spout and the top of the spout for a snug fit.

Crocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

The Teapot Cozy is Complete!

It took a few days, and yes I was a bit obsessed to finish it and learn this new skill but it was worth it! The kids love it and it’s really bringing tea time to our table, with milk, water or juice while we read books and do our work. My husband said that the top part reminds him of a ? rooster. Isn’t that so funny.

Crocheting My Tea Pot CozyCrocheting My Tea Pot Cozy

Check out my short video showing you the finished teapot cozy from all angles!

Thanks for visiting today, guys! I will continue to share and post my crocheting projects this summer, as I learn new stitches and try new things ?

Hope your week is full of great times,

Till next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue!


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