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Counting to 100 with Mini Marshmallows – A Book Inspired Math Activity

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Counting to 100 is fun with Mini Marshmallows and the Children’s Book Winter Snow Fun by Wendy Dunham and Michal Sparks. Embrace the “snowball fight” with mini marshmallows and counting today!

Winter Snow Fun by Wendy Dunham and Michal Sparks has been such a joy to read in our homeschool, and we have found a really fun way to incorporate it into our Math Lessons! My son’s favorite part of the book is when they have their ‘snow ball fight’ with marshmallows, and the littlest friends, mouse, and mole have to run and find cover under the table so they do not get hit with the large marshmallows, and it is a joy to laugh about. This got me thinking, about fun ways to use marshmallows!

Counting to 100 with Mini Marshmallows – A Book Inspired Math Activity

What you need:



We started counting the mini marshmallows and placing them on the chart, which was fun for my kids who are still mastering counting to 100 and beyond. My 4-year-old loves doing this too! We brought in some dice, to help us figure out what number to count next.

And of course, we read Winter Snow Fun and laughed at the end. This activity is really fun and pretty simple!

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Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and marshmallows too!



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