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Counting to 100 with MathLink Cubes

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We have been counting a lot lately, and the kids love these MathLink cubes and we ordered a new set of 100 the other day and found a fabulous book at the library called The Three Little Pigs Count to 100 by Grace Maccarone and this created a really fun math lesson for my 4-year-old!

This book was surprisingly funny and so fun to read. It has references to the nursery rhyme characters that we all know and love and tells a deeper story about the three little pigs, and how they go about building a house. The pig who builds his house out of bricks counts up to 100! This uses a lot of kindergarten and grade 1 math terms, such as ten frames and 100 charts, plus shapes and sight words.

These math link cubes are the one thing my son will not put down these days, and you can read more about his love for MathLink cubes in this post here, where he builds things and tells me stories about them. He has been working on these over the last month. Because he loved them so much, we ordered more.

He color sorted, counted and linked each cube together from 1 to 10 and he would build a tower to 10. Then he would do that for each color, up to 100.

As we would reach the next set of 10, we could start from the beginning and count 10,20,30,40,50,60.

When we got the last set of 10 and reached 100, we counted from 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100! and he was just screaming the numbers up to 100 as loud as he could, it was so cute!

He was very happy to make it to 100 and play this little game with me.

When he was done he came and gave them all to me and we built a cool ? building type thing with a bunch of them.

Counting to 100 has become a lot of fun in our house, and these MathLink cubes have really helped that! ?

❤️Thanks for visiting today guys, let me know what you all use to count with your kids in your homeschool! I’d love to know.

Till next time,

Breathe deeply and ? your masterpiece with scissors and glue!


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