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Clay Fairy Art Project Plus FREE Writing Prompt

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Our children love building with clay, and our 8-year-old daughter has been enjoying all the art projects with the Build Your Masterpiece Class and has become very creative since we have been participating in this curriculum. She is just overflowing with more creative ideas than ever, and it is a joy to see. Today she has created a beautiful ?Fairy + Angel character which I wanted to share with you because it is so adorable and she and I worked on it together. She had all the ideas and I assisted her in it. Let’s take a look, and don’t forget to download our Free Writing Prompt!


She began rolling a ball and creating a pinch pot hat, which is what she learned how to do recently while we made a pinch pot while reading Strega Nona and the Magic Pasta Pot, during the 1st week of Italy, in the Build Your Masterpiece Class. We used some of our Clay Basket Supplies to add more details in the clay by imprinting shapes. We are now starting to use air dry clay with the kids for creating their ideas, after almost every book we read.

Find out how you can create your own Clay Basket in your Home here. In this post, you will find all the supplies needed to create most any thought imaginable and is wonderful to have on hand for you to easily make every day, clay day.


My daughters’ creative clay process

She loves to start with her favorite air dry clay that we get from our dollar store. She does not enjoy using the Crayola Clay, because it has a sticky smell, so this is our favorite. You can find a similar type here. Claire was inspired for the most part from reading the children’s book series from Bobbie Hinman, which we recently did a book review for. Claire’s favorite fairy book is the Knot Fairy.

Read our Book Review of Bobbie Hinman’s Fairy Book Series here.

As she begins creating the shape of her fairy’s body, she starts telling me the story about the fairy… what talent she has, what her magic does, where she lives, things like that. She begins writing a story and telling me all sorts of details. I try my best to jot down her ideas so we can save them, and perhaps she can draw some illustrations for her fairy, but all for a later date. We love the BraveWriter style of learning, regarding writing, and oral narration. Children have many ideas, and some cannot record them as quickly as they can come up with them, so this method of dication is our first step of writing for all our children under 8 years old.


This particular fairy is a water fairy, for adults, and helps to keep water clean and pure and she lives on top of a mushroom. She hopes to sell the fairy, as she is a young budding artist. I can see her opening up an Etsy store any day now!

Here is her fairy hat, which I helped her with while she was making her body. Claire really enjoyed working with me on projects, and we work as a team. She also made wings, a body, legs, and a flowing cloak and rolled a ball for a face. The fairy has no eyes, and she wanted the hat to sit over her eyes. She also wanted cute freckles on the face, and I helped add them with gems, and a simple happy smile. Claire made and some nice pigtails for hair, she wanted the hair to look thick.

She added more clay for her clothes and imprinted a star on the wings.

We used the small sea shells to add adorable trim around the hat and we also added in some cute tiny gems which I was excited to find at the dollar store last month. The small bottles were so cute, I had to get them!

The small wooden shapes I had also found at our dollar store came in handy, and made the most unique imprints! We also used a pine cone to add a bit more detail.



She had made legs for her and we thought it would look nice for the Fairy/Angel to be sitting down so we worked together to turn the legs into a base for her to sit on, by adding a bit more clay to help the fairy from falling over. Her head was a bit large and heavy, and this was a fun test of the center of gravity and weight distribution.


Claire used the paintbrush to smooth out the edges and glue the parts together.

Claire wanted to give her a seashell at the end of her cloak so she placed it deep into the clay and used the wet paintbrush again to really smooth out the clay around it.

She really liked the crown shape and we placed it right at her hands. We also made the star on her chest a bit deeper and added little shoes with balls on top like tinker bell! She is so adorable, I cannot wait to see how she turns out when she dries and is painted.

All in all, I was incredibly impressed and happy to make this Fairy Clay Art Project with my daughter, who I think is so creative.


Do you have a knot fairy in your home?


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I hope this post about our Clay Fairy Art Project has helped you with your clay fairy creations and given you some inspiration!

If you are participating in the Build Your Masterpiece Class, you will enjoy learning about Claude Monet, and his beautiful garden and during that week, we will be creating so many wonderful art projects, but the one Clay Project will be all about creating your own Clay Pond Creatures, and a fairy could possibly be one of them!

Till next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and clay too!

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  1. You are so creative! I love your projects and the step-by-step instructions that are so easy to follow. Thank you for featuring my book with your clay fairy. I admire–and share– your values and your desire to make learning fun. Go, moms!!

    1. Thank you so much Bobbie! It means so much to me. Your very welcome, it was my pleasure to spotlight your fun and happy books! My kids love reading your books ❤️

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