Tricky Words Flash Cards in Minecraft

How we Homeschool Using Minecraft + Tricky Words Flash Cards

Are you looking for a fun way to do spelling practice? Want to incorporate some fun tech into your lessons? I wanted to share with you how we use our Tricky Words Flash Cards that I created! Up until now, they have stayed in a little basket, and pulled out when we do a lesson, …

Homeschool Organization with Our Student’s Weekly Subject Check List + Reward Charts Printable

Organization + Motivation = Happy Homeschool Days Homeschooling your children comes with many blessings and challenges and after two years of homeschooling 3 kiddos, the challenges seemed to outnumber the blessings and I was finding that keeping up with the housework, chores, meals, and cleaning up after everything was taking over our whole day. When …

All About Our Homeschool Space

All About Our New Homeschool Space ~ *Plus my Top 15 Classroom Product Picks

THEN… Last year we had our school space upstairs and built some great routines, but it became very overwhelming for me to be constantly living in a school room. On the days we did not manage to do school, it was always in my view and on my mind. It took some time for me …

Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer

  Get your Limited Time Download Gift of Our Made with Love Homeschool Organizer HERE! Our Made with Love Homeschooling Organizer┬áis easy to print and use. I use this every day in our Homeschool, and I made it simple yet effective, allowing you to save on ink, and color. This organizer allows you to collect …

How we use our local library

Using our Library Online Tools to find books for our homeschool has been awesome! Purchasing every book you want your child to read and experience can sure add up fast. Taking full advantage of your local library and their online accounts can really enhance your teaching in your homeschool. Before I started using my online …

Dive into Shapes for your next Math Class!

When it comes to math, my kids love anything hands on. We found this great little kit that has teaching cards and everything you need to make great 2D and 3D shapes!

It is called Dive into Shapes. We had so much fun opening up this kit, playing with the sticks and balls and trying to build something really great. My daughter built a cool creation of her own and helped me build a cool hexagonal prism. My son built a sphere and this was a great afternoon of 3D shapes.

Seeing these shapes come to life was a really nice thing for my kids, and having the directions from the cards is a huge teachers aid. We come back to this kit often while learning about 2D and 3D shapes in our homeschool. We recommend this to anyone who would rather have a set that can last a long time!

Before we got this set, we had made our 3D shapes using Toothpicks and mini marshmallows, which was so much fun as well!