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How We Use Snap Cubes for Creative Writing with Our Preschooler – Using the BraveWriter Lifestyle

We have been using snap cubes in our homeschool for the last two years, and Logan loves to build all sorts of new characters for Minecraft with them. Now we are using the BraveWriter Lifestyle of writing, alongside his interests and seeing the most amazing results! When my youngest was 4 years old, I heard …

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?Adventures In Italy’s Unit Study is Now Released! Ignite the Artist With Our Build Your Masterpiece Class for the Whole Family!

I am so pleased to announce that our first unit of the Build Your Masterpiece Class, the Adventures in Italy is now available in our Online Shop! After 1 year of product development, collaboration with our wonderful illustrator @erikabusse and over 50+beta testers, it’s finally here! Take a look inside our first unit of the …