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December’s Homeschool Learning Calendar – Free Printable

December is soon approaching, and I have been working very hard to create a fun and easy to use Calendar that you can place easily in your Homeschool Organizer. It includes Reading Lists, Art Projects, and Activities! I have something planned for every day leading up to Christmas Eve, Starting December 1st, with Sundays off. You …

All About Monsters Learning Resources
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All About Monsters ~ 30+ Learning Resources!

30 Learning Resources All About Monsters My kids love Monsters, and doing fun activities around this topic is really fun, for all grades! Here are My Top 30+ Favorite Learning Resources for teaching All About Monsters in your Homeschool, from Learning Packs & Printables, Book Lists, Creative & Descriptive Writing, Arts Projects, and Crafts Ideas, …

Where does milk come from?
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Where Does Milk Come From? Learning Resources for Your Homeschool

Our Next NEW learning theme corresponds with the last Mini-Series Post about Learning Resources, All About Wheat. Today I will be sharing our Learning Resouces for your Homeschool to help answer the question “Where does milk come from?” Keep reading to find some really fun Youtube Videos, websites with more information, Free Unit Studies about Cows and nice …

All About Wheat
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All About Wheat ~A Homeschool Learning Resource

Would you like to Learn All About Wheat this Autumn in your Homeschool? Last year we covered All About Apples and Pumpkins for harvest time in the month of September,  and the kids liked that. For this harvest month, we have been covering the topic of Wheat and Saskatchewan Farming, which also touches on Social Studies. …