The Artist Spotlights

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The Artist Spotlights

We have hand selected our Artist Spotlights based on country, and content of artwork that corresponds with the art lessons for the week. We have Artists spanning the timeline, with famous well know artists, as well as Contemporary Artists of our time! We are so excited about them and know you and your kids will love learning about them, and where they gain their inspiration to create the amazing art they do. Here is a sneak peak list for you:

  1. Michelangelo
  2. Galileo Galilei
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci
  4. Pablo Picasso
  5. Sol Felpeto
  6. Henri Matisse
  7. Claude Monet
  8. Jose Trujillo
  9. Yvonne Coomber
  10. Christina G. Rossetti
  11. Julia Inserro
  12. Lucy Smith
  13. Karla Gerard
  14. Deborah Phillips
  15. Dawn Macciocia
  16. Barry Maguire


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