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What Art Supplies Do I Need?

We have been asked this question many times and wanted to share with you some information before you begin the Class. Each unit in the Build Your Masterpiece Class will introduce more Artists and styles of art to your children, and we have tried our best to narrow down the art supplies you will need. Many of them you will have around the house, or on hand from homeschooling already. Some you may need to purchase more of, and for those purposes, we have included Amazon links for your convenience. As the class goes on, and more units are added, you will begin to use these supplies multiple times and in different ways. I would suggest looking at each unit’s supply list before you go out and buy all of these, as we have tried to include them all in each unit, however, some of the classes that have yet to be released, will have some special supplies for unique projects.

The Basics:

Air-Dry Clay


Watercolor Paints

Oil Pastels, a few options for you: Good, Better, Best

Soft Chalk Pastels, a few options for you: Fair, Good, Better, Best

Acrylic Paint

Washable Paints (Tempra Paints)

Pencil Crayons



Pencils – This sketching kit has it all!


Paint Brushes – there are 2 great types to have on hand: Crayola Kids, Acrylic + Watercolor

Foam Rollers + Trays

Round Sponges + Sponge Brushes

Paint Pallets – I talk about how to make your own DIY Cardboard Paint Pallets here.

Rolling Pins there are a few other options, such as kids sizes

Cookie Cutters

Imprinting Objects – I talk about these in this post here; Setting up your clay basket.


Scissors: Adult Multi-Use, Kids Fine Tip


Ivory Soap

Glue (Sticks, White, Clear)

Mod Podge


Paper clips

Metal Washers

A Sketch Book

A Scrapbook

Watercolor Paper

Paper, regular printer paper works fine

Styrofoam Sheets (we recycle takeout boxes, you can learn more in this post here: Setting Up your Styrofoam Printmaking Basket)

Burlap Fabric

Lace/Crochet Doilies

Canvas Board – We find ours at the Dollar Store!

Plastic Wrap



Paper plates

Shaving scream

Vegetable Oil

Food coloring

Recycled Cardboard – Cereal boxes, etc

With all of these supplies, there are varying levels of quality and price, however, we find most of what we need at our local dollar store, Walmart or

Thank you for reading today, and I hope this list has helped you in your planning process! I think shopping for these supplies is one of the most fun and exciting trips we make on a regular basis, and my kids love them!

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Let’s ignite the artist in ourselves and our kids!

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