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Let the Adventures through Europe with your kids begin!

With the Build Your Masterpiece Class Unit Studies full of Art, Literature, and Cooking you will be able to Ignite the Artist Within as you and your kids learn about European History, find inspiration from famous Artists, and current contemporary artists, as well as from the food, gardens and more!

Learn about Italy, France, England Scotland, and Ireland, as well as the connections and similarities. Read children’s books that take you on many adventures, create unique and fun art projects that will be cherished for years to come.

This Adventures are perfect to include as a yearly art curriculum, with the addition of the subjects of science, literature, chemistry and more, for your whole family!

Enjoy easy to follow instructions, wonderful books to read, Artist Spotlights to inspire, and hands-on art projects as well as traditional European Recipes for you and your kids to create and make together.

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“I am so excited to start this curriculum! I have tried many things over the years of homeschooling my seven children, and this looks like a breath of fresh air I have been looking for! A great addition to our regular math and language arts.” ~Sylvie Pajot, Homeschooling Mom, Canada

Created with love by a fellow homeschooling mom

Hello! I’m Alexandra Derry, thank you so much for visiting today! I am so glad you are here. Let me introduce myself, I am a second generation Homeschooler, Homeschooling Mom, Children’s Book Reviewer, Artist, and retired Massage Therapist. It has been through the constant search for inspiration and teaching my own children, that I have begun to create these Adventure Unit Studies!

With the continued support of my family, friends, and team of beta testers and artists, I am in the process of bringing you a curriculum that you and your kids will love to participate in again and again! It has been through my love of children’s books, world travel, art history, and hands-on projects for the whole family, that The Build Your Masterpiece Class has come to be!

“By coming together as a family, to learn about Art, Artists, European countries, as well as cooking, you are able to make lasting impressions which ignite a creative way of looking at the world!” ~Alexandra Derry

The Class is for children PreK+

These European Unit Study lessons are perfect for children ages 4+ and have been enjoyed by children even as young as 2, following along with their older siblings. The lessons have been designed for families to learn together and easily fit into any homeschooling curriculum schedule. They add in a dose of fun, and excitement around art and world education. They are also wonderful for any parent, looking for hands-on projects to do with their children after school, on the weekends, and during the holidays, especially with the “Christmas” units.

I love the idea of incorporating multisensory aspects to learning. Books, activities, crafts, cooking… This is an amazing way to tie learning all together in a fun, educational way! I look forward to getting started this Fall!” ~ Tiana Dms, Texas, USA

The Children’s Books are a Treasure

Each book makes connections with the country, art projects and artists spotlights, which span the timeline from past to present. They teach many styles of art, food, design, and invention, and also encourage children to find inspiration!

“The plan is wonderful. I think it’s a fun and active way to learn, not only by reading or listening, also by making things with your own hands. It’s also good because kids can make their own connections between artists and different countries in Europe.” ~ Sol Felpeto, Multicultural Artist, Madrid, Spain

The Art Projects consist of working with clay, watercolor, sculpting, drawing, coloring, painting, crafting and printmaking in a repetitive, yet exciting way.

Your children will create their own original and unique artwork all inspired by the books and Artists throughout the Class, as they learn about multiple countries throughout Europe. We truly believe this class will help to ignite the artist within yourself and your children!

Art Techniques + Styles Covered in the Class:

Coloring + Drawing + Watercolor Painting

Oil Pastels + Soft Pastels + Mixed Media

Crafting + Self-Portraits + Collage

Weaving + Clay Building + Impressionism

Abstract Art + Cubism + Fauvism + Pointillism

Contemporary Painting + Landscape Painting

 Drawing + Illustration + Story Telling

The Artists Spotlighted in the Class:

We have hand selected our Artist Spotlights based on country, and content of artwork that corresponds with the art lessons for each unit. We have Artists spanning the timeline, with famous well know artists, as well as Contemporary Artists of our time! We are so excited about them and know you and your kids will love learning about them, and where they gain their inspiration to create the amazing art they do.

Here is a sneak peek list for you:

Michelangelo + Galileo Galilei + Leonardo Da Vinci + Plus more to come!

We have searched and searched for over 30 + traditional recipes from each country! 

  • The Recipes are traditional to each country, fun to cook and eat with the whole family!
  • Get ready to teach practical hands-on skills in the kitchen with your kids, as well as learn some new recipes yourself.
  • This section of the class was created for the children in mind but also for you as the parent.
  • The recipes are fun, tasty and tie into the learning happening while reading the books!

We are creating a NEW Online Shop + Site, specially for Our Creative Curriculum. Visit us here at www.themasterpiecestudio.com and subscribe to be notified on our new launch! There are so many fun, and exciting things coming, with more curriculum to choose from, with an Artsy Twist!

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  1. We love this program!!!
    My kids enjoy learning about Europe and making cute crafts !

    1. Alexandra Derry says:

      Thank you so much, Justyna! I am very happy to hear you and your kids are having such a good time with it! That makes me so happy to hear because I created this curriculum in hopes of it doing just that!

  2. My children and I are really enjoying the Build Your Masterpiece Class curriculum. I love how the cooking and art projects reinforce what we have learned while reading the books. Though the curriculum was created with ages 4 and up in mind, my 2 year old has been able to participate in all the activities so far. I find myself looking forward to our next project as much as my children!

    1. Alexandra Derry says:

      Thank you, Nicole! I am so glad to hear that your youngest is able to participate alongside you, that is so awesome! That is just what I had hoped would happen. Also happy to hear about your excitement in the recipes and art projects as well! Keep up the great work mama!

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