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Boost Your Children’s Confidence with the Inner Rainbow Project ABC’s Book & Chakra Girls Cards

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Bring positivity into your homeschool with this ABC book of confidence by Sara Carly Mentlik, perfect for your morning basket!

With all the books and crafts we have been enjoying during this month of February, we have been focusing on love, kindness, and good thoughts.

As Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I was hoping to find a way to encourage these type of thoughts all year long.

Then I found the Inner Rainbow Project’s ABC: an alphabet book of confidence.

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

It’s great and more than a just ABC Book, it helps to uplift, empower and strengthen everyone who reads it.

Specially created for girls, by a loving mother, Carly wishes to create a world where every girl grows up confident and connected to her true self.

“Let your true self shine!”

By learning and reading these 130 positive and empowering words with your children on a daily basis, you are one step further to building that dream.

A perfect companion for your morning basket.

This book pairs perfectly with any alphabet curriculum, literature or children’s books you may be included in your morning basket right now! Your kids can feel empowered and enriched as they learn five positive words that start with each letter of the alphabet.

We are using them in many different ways!  

Some days we flip through and find a word we heard in a recent book, such as LOVE. Some days I will write out an affirmation that relates to the word on the list, like the one for LOVE: “I love and accept myself for who I am.” I find these affirmations in the Chakra Girls Cards, which I will talk about down below.

The Inner Rainbow Projects ABC book of confidence is on a whole new level of amazing.

Learn the letters of the alphabet as well as teach new positive vocabulary at the same time.

It has helpful teaching tips at the back of the book for each age group, the meanings of the words in the Confidence Dictionary, as well as activity ‘play ideas’ where the child is guided to pretend different things related to that letter, such as A is for Adventure! You are guided to play pretend with your child, in many different ways, and I appreciate how all of those little additions are included.

As you start the conversation with your children about what these words mean to them, ignites a more personal touch to vocabulary learning, in a confidence-building, all while learning the letters of the Alphabet. Amazing!

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

5 Ways to Incorporate the Inner Rainbow Project ABC Book into your Homeschool

1. Handwriting practice.

Build handwriting skills while boosting positivity!

2. Use alongside your current alphabet curriculum.

We plan to continue to use this book during our letters of the week with the peaceful preschool curriculum as well as practice your vocabulary with the Confidence Dictionary that is included at the back.

3. Creative writing.

Incorporate these new words in a story that your kids can write or dictate to you and illustrate as well.

4. Pretend play.

Follow the suggested pretend play ideas for each letter of the book, to bring the learning to life! Perfect for your toddlers and also fun for your older kids as well.

5. Creative art projects.

Use the play ideas as a sounding board for further art projects.

The possibilities are endless!

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

Start your homeschool day off on a positive foot!

Turning its pages, and reading the next set of words, helps me think of positive and strong things. I know that when my cup is full, and I am happy, our days go much more smoothly. This book is as much for them as it is for me.

Take the letter A, for instance.

I would typically say A is for Apple.

But here I am reminded that A is for Abundance.

This new word inspired me to talk about the ways we can look at how the Apple tree is abundant with apples, and how there is much abundance in our lives if we simply look.

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

Pair the Chakra Girls Spirit Cards to create a deeper connection!

The Chakra Girls Spirit Cards help you and your kids connect with all of your inner powers and encourage you to discover your best, happiest self.

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

Combining the Chaka Girls Spirit Cards, and it’s a guide book, you can find related affirmations linking to each chakra.

The cards can help you focus your mind, and work through your trials that may come up in your day. They are all color-coded and match with the ABC book.

We love the 7 chakras, we love yoga, and we love the Chakra Girls!

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

Girls love them!

My 8-year-old daughter quickly gravitated to them and created her own GataLife illustrated story with all the Chakra Girl characters!

I could tell they are a huge inspiration for her already. She hopes they can make dolls to go with the cards!Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

Each Chakra Girl is Unique and has a companion friend

You will come to meet Mula, Svadi, Mani, Ana, Vishu, Ajna, Rara, and Devi, the teacher who brings them together to help them learn about the colorful worlds of the Chakras, and how they all can work together to use their powers to help others!

“Now, the Chakra Girls travel the globe as a tribe of gypsies, going where they’re needed to help other girls strengthen their inner powers and let their true selves shine.”

Receive updates on the Chakra Girls by signing up for the Inner Rainbow Project’s newsletter.

Even my son was happy to play with the cards and thought they were so smooth. He was so happy learning about each character and what they represent.

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book & Chakra Girls Cards

We are excited to include the Inner Rainbow Project ABCs and Chakra Girls into our homeschool morning basket, and our home library. I will be sharing more about the Chakra Yoga Cards, another fun card set! They are Good for bringing mindfulness and yoga into your home or homeschool with the Chakra Girls! We have paired these Chakra Yoga Cards with another favorite book of ours… stay tuned!

Buy this book for your girls today:

Inner Rainbow Project ABC's Book

Will you add it to your morning basket this year?

Share with me in the comments below!

+ Free Resources

Head over to Carly’s website, and download her wonderful Free Resources for your daughters!

Raising Confident Girls Free Workshop   +  2019 Calendar for Tween Girls  +  Empowering Tween Girls Essential Plan

Til next time,

Enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue and mindfulness too.

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  1. I love all the books you review and share with us readers. I am especially excited to learn about this book! Though my daughter is still young, I am always looking for ways to help build her confidence and to be comfortable with herself just the way she is.

    1. Thank you very much Nicole, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the books we are sharing! This book really is great, with so many positive words for children to learn. 🙂 let me know if you do start to use it with your daughter!

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