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Autumn is for Apple Pie Book Review & Author + Illustrator Spotlight: Wendy Dunham + Michal Sparks

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“Tales of Buttercup Grove” Early Reader Series has quickly become one of our favorites this season, and Autumn is for Apple Pie by Wendy Dunham and Michal Sparks is so much fun, with its friendly characters who teach us all about the importance of friendship, and kindness during what may seem like a bad day. This is our review!


Have you heard about The Tales of Buttercup Grove?

This adorable book series is for early readers, ages 4 to 8 and is about the sweetest stories of seven forest animals, who share with us and our kids some truly wonderful life lessons, each set in the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn.



Autumn is for Apple Pie by Wendy Dunham and Michal Sparks is filled with many inspiring and deep messages that even I felt moved by from page to page. The lessons are for children, however, they are also for anyone at any age.



It is about the characters of Skunk, Raccoon, Mouse, Mole, Rabbit, Beaver, and Fox, who work together to overcome their sad feelings and learn how to create something delicious and beautiful, becoming uplifted and happy once more.



We first found Wendy and her children’s book series on Instagram, and since reading Autumn is for Apple Pie, all of our kids quite literally beg us to read this book to them, especially at snack time, and bedtime.


What we love about Autumn is for Apple Pie

Enjoying the little things in Life

Autumn is for Apple Pie begins with a moment that I certainly can relate to when Skunk opens his door, takes a deep breath in and notices how the air smells, and this smell was different than yesterday. How beautiful this autumn smell is. He is drawn by his nose, to his apple tree, where he soon realizes all his apples are ripe and ready to pick!

Inspiration Loves Company

Skunk continues to do the work of picking his apples and begins to have an idea. He shares his idea with his friend Raccoon, about how he would love to make an apple pie. Racoon begins to imagine his own slice of a warm apple pie, too. Within the first few pages of this story, we are already learning about how our ideas can be shared and how we can inspire others.



Skunk loves the idea of apple pie but does not know how to make one either, however, he is willing to give it a try! Happily, Raccoon walks to Shunk’s house, and on his way, meets friends, who are feeling sad, and alone, among other hardships. He invites them all to come with him, reassuring them that they can have fun making an apple pie, and not be alone.



The Power of Positive Thinking

Teaching our children about having a positive attitude is at the heart of this book, and while Raccoon helps to uplift his friends with his happy attitude, Autumn is for Apple Pie shows us that we can come together to create something wonderful and enjoy time spent with our friends, as well as the magic of looking on the bright side!


It was Skunks positive attitude that helped all the friends feel better, and allow them to see that they had something to share, and guide them to look towards something positive, that truly made this story so special to me, and my kids.



Seeing is believing

Seeing the animals work together and learn all the steps needed to make the pie, was really wonderful. My kids really did want to make an apple pie after reading this book, and I love books that show kids how to do things, from start to finish.



When the animals gather outside to enjoy the apple pie they all had made together, they said a little prayer, to give thanks for what they had, and that was really nice to see. I believe it was at this point in the story when Raccoon began to feel unsure about what he had given to the project. Because of his honest feelings, he thought he could not eat the pie. But, his dear friend Shunk reassures him that in fact, he did bring something, the most important thing of all, friends.



This story touches hearts on a deep level

Reading this book really got my kids (and myself) thinking about our feelings, the power of our thoughts, and how being kind and showing kindness is an important thing to do. What wonderful life lessons, all shared with an easy to read the book, perfect for snuggling up with a snack of apple slices, and learning some wonderful things together.


Additional Learning Resources with the Buttercup Grove Series

We love the free printables that Wendy has created, and while reading Autumn is for Apple Pie we enjoyed coloring, cutting, pasting and working with the hands-on activities that are all free for her readers to enjoy. As a homeschooling mom, I do love a free printable, and especially one that goes along with a book 🙂  She has printables for every book in the series!



Grab your copy today to enjoy with your kids!

Thank you so much for reading our book review on Autumn is for Apple Pie today, it means the world to us!


We love the book, now let us Introduce you to the Author + Illustrator of the Buttercup Grove Series + Autumn is for Apple Pie…


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Til next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and books too!




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