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Author Spotlight: Wendy Dunham

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We recently reviewed the Children’s Book Autumn is for Apple Pie, and we are so excited to share with you our Author Spotlight, which is shining brightly on Wendy Dunham today!


We love the book, now let me Introduce you to the Author of the Buttercup Grove Series + Autumn is for Apple Pie…



Author Spotlight: Wendy Dunham

Wendy Dunham was born and raised in Rochester, NY, and she recalls growing up in the country with her sisters and neighbors enjoying all sorts of fun activities from riding bikes on country roads to horseback riding through wooded trails. She continues to live close to where she grew up and says that ‘being a mother has been my greatest joy in life.’  When she is not writing, Wendy works as an occupational therapist, working alongside children who have special needs.

“I am a writer who is in love with words and everything children’s books.”

As a child she always loved books, but it was not until she began to read books to her own children when she truly knew she wanted to be an author. Wendy recalls that she ‘was inspired by the books we read together. At that point, I read every book on the craft of writing I could get my hands on and attended every writer’s workshop and conference that I could. It has been an exciting journey.’

She has attended three colleges, one in Rochester, NY, one in Massachusetts, and another in Buffalo, NY. Wendy has written a wonderful early reader book series, that have many beautiful life lessons that all share Christian values. I can see that her persistence in learning the qualities needed to become a writer, her work with children and her experiences from being a mother, all allow her to write such inspirational books for kids!

She has written a series of early readers called the Tales of Buttercup Grove, which includes Sunflower Summer, Autumn is for Apple Pie, Winter Snow Fun, and A Windy Spring Day.


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Wendy’s Creative Process

Wendy shares that her creative process is ‘different for each book’ and that some ‘stories seem to pour out of me all at once, while others trickle. Some I begin with a synopsis of the story and a plot line, for others I don’t’. I can relate to her process, and in terms of homeschooling my three children, I find their creative process also tends to be like this.

” I think that’s the beauty of creativity. . . it’s flexible, spontaneous, and often takes us by surprise.”


Wendy shares behind the scenes with us

In her writing room, she has a bookshelf that houses all of her favorite children’s picture books and she enjoys reviewing them on her Instagram account @wendyloverofbooksandstories. These books have inspired her and helped her along her journey of writing children’s books, and it a true testament to me, on how reading books to our children is so important, as it truly is one of the most powerful and inspirational tools we have as parents.


She has also written two middle-grade novels, My Name is River, and its sequel, Hope Girl which you can find out more about on her blog.

This month in our homeschool, we have been reading Autumn is for Apple Pie, and it is the first book of Wendy’s that we have read, and is a treasure. I cannot wait to read more books from her.

When I asked Wendy where the inspiration came from for this book, she shared with me that ‘the seed, came to me while I was at a writer’s conference, and as the seed was planted, it grew and changed throughout the process of creation until it finally was complete.’ This book has become a real gem for us this season, and I am glad she was able to write it for us to enjoy.


Wendy’s Advice for young writers:

” If you know you have stories to tell, don’t give up.” ~Wendy Dunham


Because this book inspired me so much and getting to know these brilliant creators, I have created two bookmarks that you and your children can enjoy while they work in their writing journals and artwork. These two bookmarks have the author and illustrators inspirational quotes on them, and my daughter is already loving them!

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Til next time,

Breathe deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and books too!




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