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April’s Reading Themes

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April showers bring May flowers! May is one of our favorite months to read about in our homeschool, and in our FREE EBOOK Reading Throughout the Year, you can find monthly reading lists for you and your kids to enjoy. Check out what the month of May has to offer…

This Reading Plan keeps us happy + learning at home!

There are many things you can expand on from these topics for learning, such as crafts, book reports, drawing illustrations about the books, rewriting a new ending, or a second story.

We utilize our library by making requests for the books in advance, and I like to put these topics on my calendar that also has my meal plans on it for the month, and I choose which topic will go in what week. Sometimes we get a mix of all 5 themes of books from the library and read them anytime throughout the month. Enjoy!

 I have updated a NEW Monthly Calander for April, with NEW Books + Themes!

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Download your Copy of the April 2019 Reading Themes Calendar Now!

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These book lists have come in so handy for us in our homeschool, and I sure hope this month’s list of books and learning packs that I have chosen will be a great resource for your homeschool learning for the next few weeks.


Enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and books too!



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