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Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe Inspired by Autumn is for Apple Pie + Free Recipe Book Printable

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We have been reading Autumn is for Apple Pie by Wendy Dunham and Michal Sparks and it has inspired us to make Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake, which is an easy recipe which I was able to make with our 4-year-old. While it was baking we read about kindness and baking with friends. Let me show you how you can make this simple recipe, with your kids! Plus, I have also created a FREE Printable, a really fun Apple Pie Recipe Book for kids to enjoy coloring and recording their recipe!


Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe


Supplies Needed:


Method for making your own Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake with your kids:

Preheat your oven to 350F.

Take your Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cinnamon Coffee Cake and open up 2 packages into a bowl (we started with 1, but for this size of pie plate, 2 was ultimately needed).



Pour in your extra flour, and milk. We added just enough to make the batter slightly thin, but still fairly thick.



If you would like to add more cinnamon, you can, however, we found this mix was perfectly spiced!



We really added in milk and flour to bring this mix to the right consistency to our liking, so just go with what you feel is best.



Here we were, with one package, and we knew we would need one more to fill out the pie plate better. One package fits a cup perfectly.



Next, you will need to core and slice one apple. This was a really fun part for my son! Once we sliced the apple with our cool tool, I thinly sliced the apple slices more precisely.



Then you will want to prepare your pie plate, and the best method we have found is the butter and flour one. Take your butter in your fingers, and spread it all around the base and sides of your dish, then you dust some flour on top, and tap and turn your dish around until all the flour has completely covered the surface of the butter.



Now you are ready to pour in your coffee cake batter and place your thinly sliced apples around in a circle, slightly resting on each other at the center of the dish. This will make your coffee cake rise so nicely.



You are ready to pop this beautiful cake into your oven, at 350F, and bake for 32 minutes.



While waiting for our Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake to bake in the oven, we sliced more apples,  and snuggle up on our couch to read the book Autumn is for Apple Pie. Our son loves this book and enjoys the artwork, the animals, and all the fun topics that come up, like when Skunk eats the yummy apples he picked from his tree, and the broken glasses that need fixing of Moles, and which animal brought what ingredient for the pie.


 The Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake was done baking!



After the cake as done baking, it looked so good, and smelled even better! We couldn’t wait to dig in, and it tasted perfect. We served it with some of Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, and this size of a cake was really nice to share with just the two of us.


Overall, this book is fabulous and can lead you in many directions for teaching in your home, or homeschool. Baking together is one of our favorite hands-on activities to do, and it’s even better when we can read a book along with it.


Grab your Free Printable of “My Apple Pie Recipe Book“!

After learning more about how to make an apple pie while reading this book, I wanted to create a printable that would go really nicely with this book, as well as while baking a pie, or Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake, that still looks a bit like a pie! It is a little booklet, your kids can color their own apple pie, and record the recipe they made.



My soon to be 5-year-old really enjoyed coloring his apple pie book with his Crayola oil pastel crayons, and I wrote the recipe for him, while he told me what he could remember about what we did. It is a really nice keepsake, or writing and coloring to go along with making an apple pie, or simply remembering all the ingredients needed while reading the book, Autumn is for Apple Pie by Wendy Dunham and Michal Sparks.





Til next time,

Breath deeply and enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and apple cake too!



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