All About Wheat
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All About Wheat ~A Homeschool Learning Resource

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All About Wheat

Would you like to Learn All About Wheat this Autumn in your Homeschool?

Last year we covered All About Apples and Pumpkins for harvest time in the month of September,  and the kids liked that. For this harvest month, we have been covering the topic of Wheat and Saskatchewan Farming, which also touches on Social Studies. I thought you all might like to check out the research I have done so far! Let me know if you check out any of these things in the comments below:)

You Tube Videos about Wheat

Try one or all of these great ones I found, ranging from documentaries to recipes!


Here is a video from Growing Wheat in Canada interviewing a Saskatchewan farmer named Richard Phillips who responds to the questions he received from a Grade 8 student about how wheat is grown. He talks about how wheat is planted, how he manages insects and weeds with pesticides, and how the wheat is harvested. He explains how important wheat is in Canadian agriculture, what kinds of food it ends up in and how Canadian wheat is exported around the world.

This is a fun compilation of clips of a Farming Experience in Saskatchewan, with fun upbeat music. The kids will enjoy this one!


Discovery How Stuff Works: Wheat, on youtube, has a good documentary about this as well.


From Seed to Civilization is another good documentary about Wheat from the GeoChannel on youtube.


This video shows you how to grow wheat, step by step at home. A 200+ day journey growing wheat at home, and then making flour and bread.


My favorite chef of all times, this video is a nice way to learn the techniques he has to offer to make bread, by hand.


Chef Lola’s Kitchen Making Bread Rolls – Lola’s recipe for making Bread Rolls. I’ve been using this recipe for a long time now and it has never failed. It’s so soft and tasty.


This is another awesome video to learn how to make Italian Pizza! He is making pizza from scratch, in the beautiful Goza near Malta Island. They have a lot more of these great videos on Jamie Oliver Food Channel. Check out our post of us making this recipe for our Saturday Homemade Pizza Day, we are starting to do this twice a month, in our meal planning.


Books to Read about Wheat


The Little Red Hen – a Great children’s classic book to get started with the kids.

The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza – Really cute!

Farm Crops! Plants that Grow on Farms (Farming for Kids) by Left Brain Kids

Farming by Gail Gibbons

Plants on a Farm by Nancy Dickman

Jobs on a Farm by Nancy Dickman

Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco


Unit Studies & Activities

Units, Activities & Recipes

Minecraft: Building a Wheat-Based Economy Activity from TeachersPayTeachers. This is categorized for grades 5+ but we will still do this with our Kinder and grade 1er as they love Minecraft and should be able to understand most of this. Perhaps the multiplication will be a bit over their heads, none the less they should enjoy it.

The Little Red Hen Story Sequencing Craft – A nice little simple project for pre-k, k, and grade 1’s together. TeachersPayTeachers download

Visual Recipe for Cooking Whole Wheat Corn Bread by TeachersPayTeachers

Shortest to Tallest Wheat: Sequencing by Size by TeachersPayTeachers. This is a simple math printable page, with the theme of wheat.

Art Lesson: Van Gogh Wheat Field Art History Roll-A-Dice and draw by TeachersPayTeachers

Art project outline for Van Gogh’s Wheat Field and crows by

Little Red Hen & Painting with Wheat by Pre-K


Art & History about Wheat


Wheat Fields, Van Gough Series  by Wikipedia

Van Gogh Art Lesson Ideas and Art History

Wheat – A Plant that Changed History


I hope this can be a great learning resource for you and your kids this fall, where you can come and use these links in your homeschool to bring the joy of learning in your home! If you do introduce this theme into your homeschool, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!









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