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Who I am and Why We Homeschool

About Me
Alexandra Derry

Let me introduce myself, my name is Alexandra and I am a mom of 3, a retired massage therapist and 2nd Generation homeschooler, continuing what I know to be awesome.

Before being blessed with a great husband and children of my own, I had a thought in my mind that I would most likely want to homeschool my children, even though I had no idea how to do it, mostly because I had been homeschooled and I knew the blessings and positive outcomes from it.  When I had beautiful and unique babies of my own, I soon realized that I really wanted to homeschool my children. It was around the time they were getting old enough to ‘go to school’.

Honestly, I was still on the fence, because I was afraid they would ‘miss out’ on the social aspects, and in the end, we did try out our public school. We soon realized that it was not for us,  because I really wanted to homeschool, to be in control of my child’s learning, allow them to spend more time with their siblings and be inspired for themselves, building a desire to learn, at their own pace and for me to be able to choose the curriculum methods and approaches that work for them.

I really wanted to give it a try, it couldn’t cause more damage than the public school had, and so there were a lot of prayers, tears and a homeschooling conference…and we managed to come out strong! After all, convincing my husband it would be a good thing, was a trial in itself, and if I could do that, I could teach my kids! When we both were on the same page, and we both realized that it was the thing to do and that we could do this, we jumped in, and haven’t looked back.


About this Blog

When I was first starting to homeschool my kids, I was inspired so much by all the homeschooling blogs out there, that I really grew and learned so much from all of them. Now that I have been homeschooling for what seems like 7 years, I really wanted to share my knowledge, our journey and my creations with others who may be starting to homeschool or thinking about homeschooling. Not to mention, that I really wanted to write and this was a great creative outlet for me.  Scissors and glue blog was created as a place for me to share our homeschooling journey with friends and relatives, as well as a fun place to get the word out for the Homeschooling Events and Feild Trips I plan. I have just recently begun this blog, and I have many hopes for it as it grows! I have also started to create printable resources for homeschoolers, which I have really enjoyed doing, and hope to continue here on the blog 🙂


About Our Kids

Frist, I would like to introduce Claire, she is my first born and is turning 7 years old, and going into the 2nd grade! She likes animals, American dolls, LOL Dolls, playing Minecraft & Roblox, writing stories, playing with her brothers and friends and hopes to have her own YouTube Channel asap!


Next, we have, Connor who is my second born, and who is turning 6, and going into 1st grade! He likes Lego, magnets, Splatoon, Minecraft & Roblox. He loves painting things, building things and learning about our planet and solar system.


And last, but not least, is Logan, my third child.  He is 3, turning 4 and going into PreK. He loves to climb things, explore and make anything a toy. He loves making mommy special things out of Lego and magnets and building things out of whatever he can find. He loves playing with is siblings and going for walks to the park, and outings to any place.



About Our Homeschool Space


Over the years our space has changed many times and with a move to a new home, I have been rearranging things constantly! But now it is feeling pretty great, and like most teachers you talk to, homeschool or not, they would tell you they are constantly improving and changing things up.

This year I have become inspired by experienced elementary school teachers from the states, and how they set up their classrooms, how they organize curriculum and how they teach multiple kids to keep their attention, as well as motivate them! Reading Eggs was doing ok, but I was feeling more like a homework-nag than a teacher. I needed to find a way to teach them, all together in a group, and I needed an easy step by step method because I am not a teacher by trade. Their curriculum has been a huge help. I was finding that our kids really needed more structure, more interacting with one another and a bit more fun so I turned to teachers pay teachers, where I have found two great Kindergarten Teachers who have a TON of great fun curriculum and it’s really perfect my three kids, ages 3/4, 5/6 and 6/7.

I want to take you on a picture tour here in a slide show of images of our homeschool space.


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