Spelling Class in MineCraft using Our Tricky Words Door

Hey, guys, I wanted to talk about how we have been using my new Printable for our Tricky Words Spelling and I created a fun Door full of all our flashcards we are working on for the year.

We do spelling practice while playing in Minecraft, as well as handwriting on dry erase boards, but it makes it a lot of fun for the kids.

We log into Minecraft, and then we get into our school world. Then the kids go over to Our Tricky Words Door and fetch a word they want to focus on. They take the flash card to their desk, place down a wooden sign, and sound out and read the word they have, and type it in! When they are done, they go and put it back on the door. Pretty simple, fun and not boring! (School work being boring is what we are constantly trying to avoid around here.)

For this, I have created our own flash cards, and I have Level 1,2,3 & 4 ready for purchasing in my Digital Shop!

These flashcards are all code mapped in a lowercase + pre-cursive font, to help build strong pre-cursive awareness.

Get your Flash Card Sets 1-4 today for your spelling class in your homeschool!

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The code mapping is based on a phonics approach called SSP, or Speech Sound Pics. You sound out each sound pic, which is color-coded in black, gray, red and blue. This is a brilliant approach and we have seen huge success with this, and only this! After a while of using this code mapping, my kids are feeling much stronger with reading, at the basic level. I would recommend you give this a try!

Have a great day!

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