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15 Recycled Art Projects Your Kids Will Love

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So you have your recycled items collected, stored, and ready to go. Now what? We recently changed the way we organize our recycling for our kids to use in art projects, and I wanted to share some great ideas for art projects with recycled materials!

Having the supplies is one thing, but the ideas to build things is another. My kids for the most part like to come up with their own creations, but sometimes it’s great to have a plan for a project!

15 Recycled Art Projects Your Kids Will Love

I have put together some really neat projects that you can check out.

Process Art Sculpture with toilet paper rolls  | School Time Snippets

Puzzles & Book Covers Made out of Cereal Boxes  | Centers And Circle Time

Milk Jug Toss Game | Creative Connections for Kids

Hot Glue Gun Stamps on Paper Towel Rolls to Use with Clay  | Creative Jewish Mom

Turn Bottle Caps into Stamps | A Little Learning for Two

Fall Collage with Coffee Filters | from

DIY Napkin Rings from a Paper Roll |

Toilet Paper Toy Binoculars |

Toilet Paper Peanut Butter Bird Feeder |

Japanese Flying Carp DIY |

Eco-Friendly Plastic Cup Flowers | Fav Crafts

Here are some Ideas on YouTube for you to get started:

We love recycled art projects, and my kids just simply love to cut and glue bits of things together to make sculptures. You can read more about how we organize our supplies here.

Have fun crafting with recycled materials!

Til Next time,

Enjoy building your masterpiece with scissors and glue, and recycled art too!

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