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Valentines Day

13 Sugar-Free Valentine Ideas for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and while it would be super easy to just go pick up a bag of candy, that is not always a good fit. So, here are my favorite sugar-free Valentine Ideas for kids, that are not candy, but still sure to be tons of fun! Plus, a few cutesy sayings to choose from for the Valentine Cards.

13 Sugar-Free Valentine Ideas for Kids



Kids love it, and luckily it is fairly inexpensive. You can make your own or buy a pack even at the Dollar Tree or this Party Bag of 15 small containers!

For the card you could cut out a circle that fits on top of the lid or slap a label on that says:

“Have a Doh-lightful Valentine’s Day”


Check out our fun DIY Play Dough Kits:

2. Slime

This is right up there with Playdoh and sure to delight. For the tag- “Will you be my Valen-slime?”

Make your own Borax Free Valentine Slime or grab these cute Classroom Pack of 28 Galaxy Slime Hearts.

Check out our other fun slime recipes:

3. Bubbles

Even the adults in my life can’t resist bubbles. “I am bubbling up with joy that you are my friend!”

You could try this Party Pack of 32 Mini Bubble Wands that is so cute!


Non sugar Valentines- crazy straws

 4. Silly straws

I have seen some really cute heart shaped silly straws! These would be perfect.. or even just the crazy twisty ones.

”You’re ex-straw special”

or “I’m crazy for you”

I made my crazy straw valentines with this free printable from Kristi Dominguez of “I Should Be Mopping the Floor”.

5. Seeds

Some of the best Valentine Ideas, are the gifts that keep on giving. Seeds definitely fit that bill. You can make your own seed paper or wrap an inexpensive package of wildflower seeds, or this Pack of 25 Flower Shaped Blooming Seed Paper. The tag could read “Let love grow”.

You could also get fancy and make up witty sayings about different vegetables, if you were to grab this Set of 40 Assorted Vegetable + Herb Seeds. For instance, “I love you from my head to-ma-toes” or “Lettuce always be friends”.

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6. Superhero mask

My boys were always in to dressing up and pretend play. Superhero masks are simple to make or cheap to buy. The card could say, “You are a SUPER friend” or “you are SUPER cool”.

Check out our Adventures in Italy 4 all about the Carnival in Venice, which features Venetian Masks to color and play dress up with. 

Non sugar Valentine ideas- bananas

7. Fruit Valentines

I love these fruit Valentine ideas! Look at it as a healthy alternative to traditional Valentines’. The great thing about fruit is you can use a sharpie and draw right on it, so you don’t even need a card!

“We make a great PEAR”

“You’re the APPLE of my eye”

“ORANGE you glad we are friends”

“You are PEAR-fect”

“I’m BANANAS for you”, “Let’s Never Split” and “You’re My Favorite in the Bunch!”

Pair this Banana Valentine Idea with Banana Lesson in the February’s Love and Nature Learning Pack from The Masterpiece Studio. 


8. Miniature Dinosaurs

You can also find these at Dollar Tree. There are usually at least 8 in the package so very economical, or try this Party Box of 72 Mini Dinos!

“Have a ROARING good Valentines”

“Thank you for being my FRIENDASAURUS”


9. Sunglasses

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for a new pair of shades. This is another always appreciated gift with my kiddos.

Valentines could say “Your Future is so bright, you gotta wear SHADES”, You are my sunshine”, “I only have EYES for you”, or “I can SEE how wonderful you are!”


10. Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets are loads of fun! Add the valentine saying of “Have a SLAPPY Valentine’s Day!”

Check out these fun packs:


Non sugar Valentines- bouncy balls

11. Bouncy Balls or Marbles

My kids love bouncy balls, marbles, really anything that will roll or can be tossed 😊 They are the inspiration for these. This non sugar Valentine can read “I like the way you roll” or “You make my heart bounce”.

12. Rock Valentines

I know this one sounds a little odd, but please hear me out. This one is great for the little artist in your house. They could paint a picture on each rock and then write on the back, “You Rock”. And hey, maybe pet rocks can make a comeback 🙂

Read more about when we read a great book about rocks and went for a rock dig!

13. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is such a great thing to add into homeschool or sensory play in general. It is also very easy to make. My favorite tag is “I love how you think outside the SAND box”. You could also say “Hug, SAND, kisses”.

Here is an easy, 3 ingredient recipe along with an explanation of Kinetic Sand.

Read when we made Glitter Snow Dough while reading a fun book about friendship and building a snowman.

Other Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day of fun and to celebrate the people in your life, so don’t overthink it. There are lots of ways to show people you care about them. You can even use everyday items, and they don’t have to be candy. Seriously, even a handwritten note or picture can show that you care, so please don’t get too worried about it or let it cause stress. 🙂


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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