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10 Nature Study Books that Bring the Love of Nature to Your Kids!

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Bring the love of nature into your homeschool with these 10 Nature Study books that we love to read while playing outside in the spring and summer!

“Every forest is an amazing community of living things -Each animal and plant relies in its own special way on the trees of the forest.” -Quote from Children’s Book “A Tree in a Forest” by Jan Thornhill

We spent the afternoon playing outside under our large pine tree, and we found 13 tiny baby trees, growing around the very large mommy tree. The kids were building an outdoor fort and gathering pine cones and rocks.

10 Nature Study Books that Bring the Love of Nature to Your Kids!

They also found a beautiful birds nest, placed in the most perfect spot, with the most coverage from wind and rain. We also noticed how the birds used a long strip of plastic to make their nest, and wove it all around the branches and nest. All of this reminded me of a favorite book we have in our homeschool library, and I went to get it to read to the kids while they played.

Even though our tree in our front yard isn’t a Maple, and we aren’t really in a forest, we saw and heard many similarities to the book we read, “A Tree in a Forest” by Jan Thornhill. We felt a connection to the age of our tree, and the length of time it takes to grow. Seeing the difference between the baby trees starting to grow and a fully grown tree right next to it was wonderful. Spring has finally sprung, and the birds were chirping and the breeze was rustling. We also counted pinecones on the ground.

I wanted to share with you our 10 much-loved books about nature, that we have pulled out now that spring has sprung! Let me know which ones you have read, or not?

10 Nature Study Books that Bring the Love of Nature to your Kids

1.  A Tree in a Forest by Jan Thornhill

“A Tree in a Forest” by Jan Thornhill is a beautiful story of a tree going through its many seasons of life in the forest. This book is wonderful for learning about forests, trees and how to make maple syrup, from the time of its beginning to its end.

2. The Dead Tree by Alvin Tresselt

“The Dead Tree” by Alvin Tresselt takes you on a journey into the forest and shares the story about the end of the life of a large tree, and how it helped to give life, shelter, and food to many insects and animals who live in, on and around it.

3. Love is… By Deirdre Pecchioni Cumming and Erika Busse

Does love come from trees? Maybe so! We love this book from Deirdre and Erika, and it is a wonderful addition to playing outside and remembering how we can show love to one another, and that it’s as natural and free. Read our book review here.

4. Sweet Tea by the Live Oak Tree by Kelly Grettler

Kelly Grettler has written a beautifully poetic story about the life of an Oak Tree, enjoyed by a young girl as she grows up. Truly one of the most touching stories, that brings a tear to any mothers eye, your kids can learn to appreciate the importance of trees in our lives!

5. Curious George Plants a Seed by Margeret and H.A. Rey

Curious George goes on an adventure all his own, as he learns how to recycle and plant a tree for the Green Day Rally. He also learns what to keep, and what to recycle in a fun and enjoying way. Watch a read-aloud of this book here!

6. Spiders by Gail Gibbons

We found many spiders under our tree, and have done a lot of learning about spiders in the past (Miss 8 even had a few house spiders as ‘pets’ while we were learning about them when she was 5.) Gail Gibbons shows children all about spiders in one of our favorite books. Watch a read-aloud of this book here!

7. The Magic School Bus Gets Caught in a Web (Scholastic  Reader Level 2) by Janette-lane

Our children love the Magic School Bus, and their adventures are so much fun, and while learning about Spiders, reading this book is a must do!

8. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

The Tiny Seed is a colorful journey from seed to flower, where kids get to see the story of how this tiny seed makes its way to become a huge beautiful flower. Reading this book during springtime is great, and my kids like to talk about how this little seed manages to out-live the other larger seeds.

9. Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss

This fun and light-hearted story for young kids is all about a young worm writing down the notes he has learned about life as a worm, living in our world. A really cute read!

10. The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow

And learning about nature would not be complete without a fun adventure story about rainbows! Our kids love this very good, classic story from the Magic School Bus.

What is your favorite children’s book about nature?

Have fun with scissors and glue and nature too!



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