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This year, let’s celebrate mother’s day with a Fantastic Children’s Book! Cuddle up with your kids to read one or all of our favorite books all about moms.

10 Fantastic Children's Books for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a fun time of year, where we get to indulge on ourselves just a bit and relax, but it’s also a time for us to reflect on our goals as moms, and our relationships with our children. There are 10 books that have been picked for their content, message, and joy they bring while being read with your kids! Stay tuned for more great Mother’s Day crafts, homemade gifts, and recipes, coming your way over the next two weeks! Subscribe to never miss a post.

10 Fantastic Children’s Books for Mother’s Day

1. I Love Mum with the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

10 Fantastic Children's Books for Mother's Day

Enjoy mom’s special day with our favorite little caterpillar, the very hungry one, as we celebrate our love for moms!

2. The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

10 Fantastic Children's Books for Mother's Day

This little bunny thinks he needs to run away from his mommy, in this lovely tale of The Runaway Bunny… however, his mommy assures him that if he did, she would naturally follow where he went, no matter what. Watch the read-aloud of this book to see how it ends!

3. How To Raise a Mom by Reagan

10 Fantastic Children's Books for Mother's Day

This book will help your kiddos learn just what it takes to raise a happy, healthy mom! A play on all the tips and tricks mom’s use to raise little kids, we get to see this relationship flip when this daughter and son take care of their mom… Watch the read-aloud of this book to see what happens at the end!

4. Mama’s Day Surprise by Berenstain Bears

10 Fantastic Children's Books for Mother's Day

Moma Bear may have figured out the surprise that Brother and Sister bear had planned for Mother’s Day, and helped secretly to stock the cupboard for what was needed, but in the end, she was actually surprised with a clean kitchen after all!   Watch the read-aloud of this book!

5. Happy Mothers Day by Mercer Mayer

10 Fantastic Children's Books for Mother's Day

Brother and Sister Critter are working hard together to create beautiful cards, and through some trial and error, they learn what they can do to surprise their mom when she wakes up. During the morning, they continue to cook breakfast, and clean the house, and eventually need to ask for help. At least momma gets to have a nap, and stay in for the night! Watch the read-aloud of this book!

6. Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother too? by Eric Carle

10 Fantastic Children's Books for Mother's Day

Do animals have mothers too? This lovely book shares with kids the answer to this question! Follow along with all the animals that are mothers, just like us! Watch the read-aloud of this book!

7. Mama’s Kisses by Kate Mcmullan

All the animals in the jungle are getting ready to put their little ones down for the night, but cannot find them! They are busy playing make-believe games in the trees, and not ready for sleep. Read how these four mamas find their babies and settle down for the night.

8. Mom and me, Me and Mom by Miguel Tanco

This whimsical picture book takes you through the day of one mother and daughter, who reminds her mommy of all the ways she helps her, by testing her flexibility, patience and cherishing precious moments together.

9. Where’s Mommy? by Beverly Donofrio and Barbara McClintock

Maria is friends with a little mouse who lives in her house but doesn’t want her mommy to know, or she would get a cat. One night, before bed, both mouse and girl are unable to find their mommies and go searching all over the house, only to find…Watch the Read-aloud of this book and find out what happens!

10. A Gift for Mama by Linda Ravin Lodding

Oscar is in search of a gift for his mama because it is her birthday. He goes on a trading journey in hopes of finding the perfect gift, while helping out many folks in town. Watch the read-aloud of this wonderful and heartwarming book!


Thanks for reading our 10 Fantastic Children’s Books for Mother’s Day.

What is your favorite book about mothers?

Have fun with scissors and glue, and mother’s day books too!



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